"CurrentCare (Viewer) is easy to use, and I plan to use it more and more. Interestingly, it has become a conversation at sick visits that are ER or urgent care facility follow-ups, meaning I am typically suggesting patients sign-up for it to avoid unnecessary waiting while my staff tracks down information related to a previous ER visit. I'm adding it to my favorites on all terminals for easy access within the exam room!"  -   Chad P. Nevola, MD 


Dr. Nevola (far right) with his office staff, is a board certified pediatrician in Providence, RI, and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Brown University School of Medicine. His office is an NCQA-recognized Level III Patient Centered Medical Home.

“There is a tremendous benefit to patients enrolled in CurrentCare. We provide each patient with information about CurrentCare and explain that it’s all about the sharing of information between people who are caring for them. Once patients have benefited from being a part of CurrentCare, they realize how important it is to their care.”
-David Fried, MD, FACP, Coastal Medical

“I make it a practice to ask my patients to enroll in CurrentCare. They are generally eager to sign up once I explain that it can save them time and money, and also make certain that their most up-to-date health information is available if they end up in the emergency room.”
-Karen Blackmer, MD, University Family Medicine

“Within days of beginning to use CurrentCare Viewer, we had an emergency care situation where a patient was unable to tell EMTs what medications she was taking. The EMTs were able to quickly look up the patient’s medication list in CurrentCare and were then able to make better informed care decisions on the spot.”
-Bethany Gingerella, RN , NREMT, Paramedic Chief, Westerly Ambulance

“Many of our families are taking home infants that have had multiple medical complications and will need to see many different providers for follow-up care. CurrentCare gives these families reassurance that providers can easily access and share the information they need to treat their child for both scheduled follow-up care and in an emergent situation.  It has become a valued means of helping us best support our families.&rdqu
-Melissa O’Donnell, MSW, LICSW, Medical Home Care Supervisor, Transition Home Plus, Partnering with Parents and the Neonatal Follow-up Clinic at Women & Infants Hospital

“My staff is able to quickly contact patients regarding hospital follow-up, and lab results are readily available through the CurrentCare Viewer. Of course, the system only works if the patient opts in.  We have intensified our process to recruit patients to sign up for the system.
-Gregory Steinmetz, MD, RI Academy of Family Physicians

“Patients are amazed when we reach out to them because we’ve learned of their hospitalization. They are very thankful that they’re getting better care because of it.”
-Donna Soares, Nurse Care Manager

“If you are a Veteran enrolled in Current Care, your VA providers and Non-VA providers will be able to coordinate your health care based on your complete health record. This is an exciting time for healthcare in Rhode Island and the VA is pleased to be part of this state-wide collaboration.”
-Susan MacKenzie, PhD, Medical Center Director, VA Providence Healthcare System

“As a physician who uses CurrentCare, I know the value it brings to patients and the providers who care for them. And as an active-duty member of the Rhode Island National Guard, I encourage Veterans to take advantage of this free service. It really helps ensure that their care is more efficient and coordinated which can reduce wasted time and money and improve their experience as a patient.”
-David Ashley, MD, Medical Director, Family Care Center, Memorial Hospital

“CurrentCare supports our model of care and is an important way for our practitioners and the patients we treat to stay connected to the broader healthcare community in Rhode Island.”
-Andrew Sussman, MD, President of MinuteClinic, Senior Vice President/Associate Chief  Medical Officer, CVS Health

“The CurrentCare Viewer has already helped me improve patient care and reduce duplicate lab tests.  I recently received a call that a patient who had just had a colonoscopy was having PVCs (premature ventricular contractions).  I asked the hospital to send the results of the electrolytes lab report and let the patient go home, and I would follow up with the patient directly.  But the “lytes” never came. The patient presented for follow up, I looked the patient up in CurrentCare and the results were right there.  This saved my practice time because we didn’t have to track down the results, saved time and expense because there was no need for duplicate testing, and improved patient care because I was able to discuss the results with the patient in a timely manner and plan the next steps of the work up.”
-Paul Barratt, MD, South County Internal Medicine, Wakefield RI

“Looking to the future, I envision Currentcare being particularly effective for use when I see new patients, such as for evaluations on an emergency basis. I believe this system is invaluable in that instance, as having access to psychiatric records is limited otherwise. I am an advocate of CurrentCare and think its benefits are great.”
-Sajid Chaudhry, MD, Gateway Healthcare, Johnston

“A behavioral health client with addiction issues presented for follow up. I logged onto CurrentCare and, using the Viewer, was able to quickly identify the patient’s medications and manage them effectively with the additional information. The CurrentCare Viewer helped me improve medication identification for my client. Client care and safety are improved and as a physician, I didn’t have the frustration of not having the medication information that clients don’t always provide.”
-Michael A. Silver, MD, Chief Medical Officer, The Providence Center

“A man with diabetes, who takes the blood-thinner Coumadin, ended up in an emergency room after hitting his head. A Hospital Alert was immediately sent to the practice. This prompted the nurse care manager to call the patient the next day to check on him, confirm that his clinical status was stable, check to see if ER doctors changed his medicine, and review red-flag symptoms for both head injury and issues with Coumadin. Moreover, the nurse was able to make sure the patient understood his Coumadin dosing correctly. It was a wonderful touch point.”
-G. Alan Kurose, MD, President and CEO of Coastal Medical Associates

“By means of real time access to our server, I can provide 24/7 access to all medical records in order to optimize care for medical emergencies and increase efficiency for everyday solutions to patient problems. By rapid retrieval of scanned documents as well as our laboratory interface, data can be quickly accessed that will allow prompt handling of problems and medical interactions with other health care providers without unnecessary delays and tests.”
-Marc Weinberg, MD, Personal Healthcare, Ltd.

“I cannot imagine working without it. My work flow is very efficient. Interfacing with Kidsnet, labs, etc. increases efficiency/ quality. My EHR allows me to put reminders in where I get a message in the future. It has saved me on several occasions. For example, a patient who needs a follow up CT in 3 months doesn't slip through the cracks.”
-Nicole Somvanshi, MD, South County Family Medicine

“At Coastal Medical we have made the use of CurrentCare Viewer and Hospital Alerts part of our routine workflow when we see patients. CurrentCare provides information about care received from providers and facilities across the state, which our physicians could not have known about otherwise. CurrentCare notifies our providers immediately if a patient is hospitalized or treated in the emergency department. In the past, our offices have waited days or even weeks for paper confirmation about such events--too late for coordination of follow-up care.
-Edward McGookin, MD, FAAP; Chief Medical Officer, Coastal Medical
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