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When you use CurrentCare’s services, you’ll find additional information and resources for the Viewer, Alerts, Enrollment, and Data-Sharing Partners here. 

Still have questions? Feel free to contact your Relationship Manager or our Program Support Team at 1-888-858-4815.

CurrentCare Enrollment

If you are not an Enrollment Partner and would like to start enrolling your patients, please contact your CurrentCare Enrollment Specialist or call 1-888-858-4815.

CurrentCare Viewer

To get access to the Viewer for your practice, please contact your Relationship Manager or our Program Support Team at 1-888-858-4815 or email us at

If you are currently using the Viewer and have questions or comments about usage, please call our program support team at 1-888-858-4815 or email us at

Resource  Description

Click the link to the left to go directly to the CurrentCare Viewer login screen. Only those authorized Viewer users with a valid user name and password may access this system.
Click here to download the CurrentCare Viewer Logon icon to your desktop
This link will automatically activate and place an icon on your desktop, giving you instant access to the login screen when you have to quickly look at a patient’s record. 
Quick Start Guide  If you are a newly trained Viewer user, check with our Guide for tips on how to quickly integrate the Viewer into your everyday routine. 
First Time Login Directions  If you called in to receive your user name and password but have not yet logged into the Viewer, this document will help you get started.
Workflow Integration Tips  Here you’ll find suggestions on how to use the Viewer along with your EHR, to find the most up-to-date medical information for your patients.
Search for a Patient  
Icon Reference Sheet Print this one-pager and keep it near your computer as a quick reference guide to the possible icons you may see at the top right-hand corner of a patient’s Viewer record.  
CurrentCare Guidebook (Data-Sharing Partners)   This is a listing of healthcare providers and organizations that are sending health information into CurrentCare on behalf of enrolled patients.
Override Consent Feature  This document is related to a patient’s level of consent upon enrollment and explains the feature available only to prescribers in the event of an emergency.  
 Part 2 History Tab This document provides screen shots explaining the process to view a patient’s Behavioral Health information.  
Frequently Asked Questions - Part 2 History  This document contains questions and answers about a consented patient’s Behavioral Health information and how it should be managed when accessed in the Viewer.  
 Frequently Asked Questions - Viewer Here are the FAQs about Viewer use. 


CurrentCare Alerts

CurrentCare Alerts Flyer [PDF] - This is a two-page flyer describing how CurrentCare Alerts can benefit your practice.

CurrentCare Data Sharing Partners

CurrentCare Guidebook [PDF] - This document provides an updated list of those organizations contributing Protected Health Information (PHI) into CurrentCare on behalf of enrolled patients. CurrentCare has over 77 distinct data feeds, including data from provider EHRs. Please see the attached PDF to determine if your EHR software is able to communicate with CurrentCare.

If you are interested in becoming a Data-Sharing Partner, you must complete a Data Use Agreement and have a Direct email account. Please contact your Relationship Manager or call 1-888-858-4815 to get started.

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